Quaderno A4 Screen Protector


  • Compatible models: QUADERNO Electronic Paper A4 Size FMV-DPP03 / Electronic Paper P01 (FMV-DPP01)
  • The special processing on the surface makes it feel like writing on paper. Writing features a textured texture that is like a pencil on paper. It also uses a special silicone adhesive that allows air to flow naturally and prevent air bubbles from entering the screen. Compared to a high gloss type with a glossy surface treatment, the writing type is designed to reduce glare and make your screen easier to read. This is the perfect protector for the drawer
  • Contents: LCD screen protector x 1. This product is guaranteed for initial defects only
  • This product is made with a special treatment on the surface of the sheet to ensure resistance when writing with a stylus. The tip may wear faster than drawing directly on the glass surface of compatible devices
  • Made with safe domestic materials. From manufacturing to shipping, all products are done within Japan


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